Why contacting me?

You want uncomplicated female company. You do not have the time, or desire to start a relationship. You want to spice up and add value to your sexual life. You want to bring your fantasies to reality in all discretion.

Can I expect absolute discretion and privacy?

To be a successful female massause I know that it is of the utmost importance to be discreet at all times and never divulge my clients’ identity.

In full discretion and confidence, I will only contact you when and how you want me to. I fully respect the privacy of others as I consider this a must in my own life as well.

Are there conditions that I have to meet?

Not as far as age or looks are concerned; attraction is actually not linked to these. However, personal hygiene is an unconditional must and I assume that you share this view.

As long as you treat me respectfully, I will not expect more from you.

How do we arrange the payment?

This is one of the most recurrent questions, especially the first time. I suggest that you hand over cash money at the start of our date. That way we can avoid embarrassing situations, so that we can immediately focus on our pleasant time together...

Where are you located?

In Hungary, Budapest, at my studio, or abroad in Germany at a studio.

How do best plan a date with you?

You may contact me on my mobile phone, or by completing the contact form under “Contact" However, do not forget to leave a phone number where I can reach you. I will contact you within 24 hours. We can then agree on how, where and when we plan to have our date.

I am unconfortable about my look, or age. Is this important?

Your age* or your looks have no bearing on me, as long as you enjoy our being together.

* as long as you are over the age of majority in the location from where you are accessing this message or in the country where our date will take place, i.e. 18 in Hungary

Are your photos are real?

My photos are 100% real and current.

Do you smoke?

No, but I don't mind if you do.

What guarantees can you give me?

I respect your privacy and identity under all circumstances. Discretion is an unconditional must. Further I guarantee my unrestricted attention during our date in the setting of your choice. I am always tastefully dressed to the occasion and I apply the highest hygienic standards.

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