Aromatherapy massage, when you desire something truly special and pampering. The Swedish Massage is a pleasant experience, but it can be further enhanced by sweet, fragrant, aromatic massage oils. Give it a try and aroma massage, enjoy the difference!

Aromatherapy Massage - enchantment of fragrances

The aromatherapy massage is basically relaxing, stress-relieving, gentle massage. The Aromatherapy massage is not only about the fine moves and proper technique, but also the delicate essential oils that contribute to the experience. During a full body aromatic massage I use special essential oils. I'll choose the scent to fit your mood and depending on what you want to achieve with the aroma massage.

The role of various essential oils Aromatherapy massage

Before the aroma massage we choose the right fragrance for you, soothing lavender, relaxing rose oil, Chamomile for example, there are many options. If you want something refreshing, rosemary eucalyptus, or you even can choose essential oils of mint. Try the refreshing or relaxing aroma massage -
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