An hour care - this is foot massage. Imagine that you have soft music playing, you just sit back and just relax while I fully massage your feet. A foot massage touches all the reflective zones of areas on your feet, where needed it's stronger, on other parts subtle pressure will be applied of the foot massage. You can trust my skillful movements are not without a good result. After the foot massage you'll feel rested and satisfied.

Foot massage, the ancient massage

Foot massage is one of the most ancient type of massages. The foot massage technique is based on reflective pressure points reflecting body parts. Your body's condition can be improved - the internal problems can be resolved with a professional feet massage. Foot massage may have an impact on your health, therefor it's very popular nowdays. However, most of the foot massage you may receive only offers half-solutions.

Why do you entrust your professional face foot massage?

A foot massage can only achieve the required effect if it's done by a well-trained specialist. A trained massage therapist always knows which pressure points to tap and how to massage them, so that you are able to fully relax, and after the foot massage you'll feel like a new person.

Foot massage specially for you

Do you want to be a memorable experience foot massage? Then choose a professional masseur, chose me! I'll wait you in an intimate setting, let me charm you through your feet. Call me or send a message and lets start your treatment!
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