The body slide massage is one of the most popular type of erotic massage.It is not surprising, since there are desire and heated sensuality in the body slide erotic massage. After a "battle of bodies" the satisfaction is assured.

Body slide massage from the first touch to satisfaction

The body slide massage, just like any erotic massage usually begins with attunement. We talk while we both get rid of our cloths, although I might be waiting you naked with 2 glasses of champagne in my hands, or you'll find me in the bath, naked under the foam, then you enter the bath and we begin the erotic massage...

The room is filled with exalted sensuality of erotic massage. Body on body, we both wheeze as you surrender to the boundless pleasure of body slide erotic massage.

Body slide massage with oil

During the body slide massage I gently smudge every part of your body with massage oil until you'll want me. You can watch or you can even help me smudge myself too with massage oil. The first body part I massage will be your feet and then slowly I go up to the calves, and thights - where my hand may slip through the chest, then back, but that's just the warm-up.

When all your muscles are relaxed, but you have a hard erection, then instead my hand I countinue the body slide massage with my body. First, I slowly lean above you, you can feel my hair touches you, then you can feel the warmth of my body, smell my delicious parfume before my whole body starts to slide up an down on yours. I will rub you with my breast, belly, tights and my butt... until finally your reach the final perfect moments.

We aren't in a hurry, I will slide on you gently, then hard, then slow and fast again, your body dictates the tempo, I'll help you reach orgasm at the end of the body slide massage.

You personalized body slide massage

Let yourself go and relax. Give me a call, or send word to me, then you can have as much fun you want, the way you want it. Explore the joy of body slide massage with me, you can expect cozy atmosphere of carefree pleasure and discretion from me. Give me a call or send word to me, and enjoy the body slide erotic massage!
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